Saturday, October 3, 2015

GA Phantom 7.8 - 2015 Review and new Fanatic Formula board


GA Phantom

Gareth forwarded me the link to this review.

Their findings with the Phantom 7.8 are exactly as I would suspect - fast and easy.  As I've said before, Peter's designs have become so good at providing a linear power delivery which gives one huge confidence as you spool up.

Gareth and I were discussing this via e-mail (he is still in the UK but due back here within the next three weeks) and I was saying how suitable these sails are for the non-racing blaster.  The ease makes high speeds such a breeze and if you compare this sail with the Severne Overdrive you will feel the difference. 

The Severne is so fast and performance orientated but with this potential comes a concomitant price - no forgiveness  for fuzzy technique!  You will find that in the gusts, if your technique is not spot-on, (if you sheet out for instance) you will be continually fighting for control in strong conditions. Exhausting and intimidating!

Of some small concern is the tester's finding that the cams on the Phantom are difficult to rotate. I'm sorry to hear this but I am fairly sure that when Gareth's arrives, we will sort any rotation problem out - no problem.

Fanatic have introduced their new Formula Board  

Dan says that he will do with the formula model what he has done with their slalom boards - create a shape as good as the best out there and I believe him.  

Up until last season, if I were in the market for a formula board my choices would have been Mike's Lab, Starboard and Gaastra (in that order).  The big Fanatic didn't appeal some how.  This one however, I have a good feeling about.  Watch this space!

I note that most of the designers test their shapes using Z Fins or Kashy.  I hope that we can test a Zulu fin in one of these machines this season.  Robbie??

Good winds  


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