Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Severne and Avanti

Some comments about new equipment.  Firstly I note that Severne is trailing everyone at publishing their 2016 sail line.  Not sure why but there is probably a good marketing reason.  I suppose that once you have your new line published, you battle to sell any current year sails still on dealer floors.

Speaking of new sails here are two 2016 versions of the Avanti models I always covet.  This year they are even better due to the fact that the overhanging batten above the boom on the Poweride has been dropped.  Yay!
The 3 Cam Condor

No Cam Poweride

What I especially like about Avanti’s sails is the use of really high tech scrims.  They are extremely fast and easy to sail (according to every review I can find) and of course, light and strong.  Nice work guys!

Both sails come in sizes 5.8/ 6.6/ 7.4/ 8.2/ 9.0 with the Poweride having an additional 5.2 size at the bottom end.  Batten numbers in the Poweride vary according to size.  Nice!  

Talk to you soon  

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