Monday, January 18, 2016

New Performance Sails


I may have been sleeping on this but I discovered last week, Severne’s new slalom sails on their site. Both Reflex and Overdrive look awesome. Severne, once again doing what it does best – continuous improvement. They are just so relentless with this and have used it to carve their way to the top in every sail category.

S2 Maui has also had its new race sail on the net.



The Reflex sees further improvements in stability. Where North have concentrated on simplicity, Severne forges ahead with ever more complex engineering. North has shown that an easy, 7 batten race sail can win against everyone (er everyone except Antoine!). Severne know exactly what they are doing however, and it will be interesting to watch the two approaches compete on slalom courses this year.

The 2016 Reflex has an even wider sleeve than last year’s model. This frightens me but racers will appreciate the improvements to stability and rotation.

Reflex 2016


The Overdrive has 7 battens and can be rigged on rdm masts. These things no-doubt soften the feel on the water and should boost speeds in the hands of non-racers. 
Comfort = Speed.  

I'm not convinced by the fiddly design elements above the clew but knowing Severne, these shapes enhance some aspect of performance.   

Overdrive 2016

The two images above are from Severne’s website.

I still believe that for the likes of me, the Turbo is the way to go in larger sizes (7.5, 8.6 Turbo.  5.7, 6.5 Gator) but if you need every ounce of speed and possess the required skill and strength, put both the Reflex and the Overdrive on the short-list for your next upgrade. 

S2 Maui

If you want to push the boat out for your new race sail and feel like something new, have a look at the new S2 Maui - Venom. You can see a whole bunch of Spanier/ Szpunar trade-marks in the design and I’m sure it will be special on the water.

They have moved away from the 9 batten layout employed in the Maui Sails TR model of bygone times. The sleeve, the red, the black and the blue bits of the Venom are made from their magical new material.

I like the Kevlar stringers running down the sail. Strong but light!  Nice! 

S2 Maui Venom – a lovely thing
The image comes from their FaceBook page.

Good winds

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