Thursday, January 28, 2016

Cool Video/Cool Equipment


Hannes Louet-Feisser, a windsurfer in Ireland sent me this video. It showcases Garmin’s Virb X/XE and the Virb Edit Software as a really cool recording combo.

Please have a look at the video.

Hannes is a good sailor as well and rides some really nice stuff. In addition to the recording media (the main subject of the vid) pay attention to his gybes and the speed of his hand changes. We cannot be slow or sloppy with hand and foot changes in a slalom gybe and Hannes nails these two aspects properly.
He also does some quite tricky tacks but it is the gybing which interests me.

Anyway the Virb X/XE and software are a fine combination. I like the way all the data is displayed on the screen (position on the course, speed at each point, average speed, direction of travel etc). This is all so nicely overlaid in real time, onto the video. Very convenient for analysis.

Hannes also supplied this link which explains how to use the Virb Edit software with your GoPro:

I was going to include two more videos of racing on our lagoon but there is a bit of work involved with them. I will do them in the next post.

Good winds (and thanks Hannes)

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