Sunday, February 14, 2016

Severne Sails and Zulu Fins - news


I want to say a bit about Karo van Tonder, one of Joos’s daughters who recently became a Severne ambassador.  Karo is an uber-woman with astonishing levels of fitness, massive enthusiasm for the sport and high levels of skill. 

In other words a perfect choice to promote things windsurfing.

Her infectious positivity is going to benefit all the brands associated with her so congratulations to Karo and kudos to Severne and Raffaello (our new Severne agent) for selecting her.  

I notice that Robbie from Zulu Fins has also dropped some fins off with her.  Well done all round.
Robbie, Raffi and Karo

If you visit the area from abroad and are interested in the Severne range, or in Zulu fins, please give Karo a shout when you arrive.
The guys dropped off the new sails last week and have allocated her 3 Reflex 7’s  (5.4, 6.2 and 7.0) and 2 feather-light Blade Pro’s (4.2 and 4.7)  

I will try to get a ride on the 7.0 Reflex and will report back on the sail if we have reasonable slalom conditions.  I will click the rig onto my Falcon 113/Zulu 40cm.  The new Reflexes are awesome in the flesh and Karo can’t stop raving about them.  I am really looking forward to a ride.

Karo flying the 6.2 Reflex7

I will speak to you soon, hopefully with some impressions.


  1. Awesome to feature in your blog Phil! Thank you for this beautiful post, I feel very honoured. Looking forward to give you a go on my 7 this week and hear your feedback!

  2. No prob Karo. See you on the water this week. Good wind I think