Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Two Nice Videos of Sailing in our Lagoon


Here are the two videos I spoke of in the previous post. Both of them are too large to be included on the face of this post but please click on the links.

The first link is from Fanatic’s website and contains some good footage of sailing on our lagoon.

The stills on this post are all from this video.
The first minutes of the video contain orientation footage of the area. The herd of eland picked up by the drone is nice for me because we often bump into this group when  cycling through the park in winter.

Miriam is shown rigging up at Kraal Bay - a Viking woman in our lagoon – very cool. When I saw Miriam on our main beach during the racing I did not recognize her at first because in my mind I had her on Challenger sails/NoveNove boards. She has changed her sponsors to Loft/Angulo of course.

Anyway here are some notable sections of the video:

  • At around minute 2:10 Danny looks round and alters course slightly to join up with Vincent (Pt-7). From around 2:23 we can compare the behavior of the Warp vs the AC-1 as they both speed towards the drone. The Warp’s behavior is quite simple – flexing slightly in the gusts. The AC-1 seems alive somehow, exhausting and recovering rapidly and constantly. This lightning response probably accounts for the stability people find with this sail particularly in strong winds.

  • At around 3:30 you see Craig speeding in. Look carefully and you notice his left ear strapped with duct tape. About two weeks previously he wiped out badly on one of our stormy days and crashed so violently that he burst an ear drum. Duct tape, the windsurfer’s friend, fixes all things!

  • From around 4:05 Miriam is captured entering her gybe which she goes on to sabotage by bending her arms and leaning backwards instead of forwards. These are such common gybing problems that I thought I should highlight them for you.

The second video is of one of the races. It was posted by a hydrofoiling site called FoilEver.

The coverage is pretty good but for me positioning the drone directly behind and above the field is not ideal. With side-on footage (looking down) we would have been able to identify individual racers, compare stances, equipment behavior, passing tactics etc. Anyway, quite a nice bit of racing.

Note at the end of the video, how far ahead Vincent is from the rest.  He absolutely dominated most of the races, and then went on to win the downwind dash that weekend.  The foiler right alongside him reminds us how far this side of kiting has progressed.

Good winds

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