Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Out of "Office" for a while

Hi all

Just a short note to mention that I will be away from the Internet for a while.  I have been trying to run things remotely since Friday but I am struggling.  I tried to reply to Unknown's message but I keep getting shut out.  I am totally out of touch from tomorrow, hopefully back home by Wednesday. (?)

Anyway as soon as I am settled again I will resume posts and hopefully be able to reply to "Unknown's" comment.  He provides some interesting news about Patrik's plan to expand the FRace line with a big, light, fast, hollow model.  Where have I heard that idea before?

Anyway this development, together with Fanatic's 2017 Falcon Lightwind suggests that at least two of the guys are listening to us.  I look forward to seeing what is in store for next season.

Good winds


  1. Falcon lightwind has the same measures of the Falcon 152, 90x230, and it does look like the Falcon 152 refurbished. So it's a competitor in the same category of the X-Fire Lightwind.

  2. Hi Unknown
    Thanks for the information. I am super disappointed with the short length of the new board but happy to note that it now has a few footstrap options. A step in the right direction. Other than the length concerns this looks like a pretty good board.
    If you get to ride one please give some feedback.
    Good winds