Friday, August 5, 2016

New Fanatic Blast 2017


I am back now, having spent some time in hospital having surgery.  Not good but I managed to escape and am at home once more.
While I was away, Fanatic unveiled their new Blast mentioned in my previous post.  Looking at the Blast pictures and vids, I have to say that it looks absolutely right for its designated purpose (fast blasting fun).  They took stuff learned during the development of the Stubby wave board and combined design aspects from the latest Falcons.  

This is all particularly cool in my opinion and I predict that the board will be something special.  It incorporates a new approach, new lines and new shapes. It has parallel edges and a diamond tail – two of my favorite things.  Absent are cut-outs.  No problem! 

Looking right is all very well but the boards need to deliver.  I am quite aware of this so my next goal is to get a ride on a Blast and report back.  I hope Craig and Danny bring one or two with them when they visit in November.  Failing this, the Surf testers may well have one or two Blasts in their testing arsenal this year.  Fingers crossed!

If you are rich you could buy all three sizes but the 115l/66wide would be a really good single board.  Add 3 fins and you have a wide wind-range covered.


Here is a thought about this new concept.  I would be willing to bet that it could serve as a template for a lightwind superboard.
I sense some eye rolling here but bear with me.

You would need to:
·         scale it up to a volume of 140 – 150l,
·         stretch its length to over 245cm
·         increase the width to 86 – 90ish
·         widen the tail (big time).  Have a wide diamond of course
·         insert a deep Tuttle fin box.
·         Provide outboard strap positions in addition to the current options

I can almost guarantee that such a board would be a lightwind rocket delivering equal helpings of speed and fun with a big, easy sail (7.5m upwards)

Something to ponder

Good winds


  1. Sorry man, even the new JP super lightwind board for 2017 has gone the "super short" way. It's 10 cm shorter than the previous model.

    But then I wonder what's the advantage of these boards vs. a normal formula, which can plane in even less wind.

  2. your "wish" does sound like my 2012 JP SLW92