Thursday, January 12, 2017

A Suggested Short List of Rough Water, High Speed Boards


Before I get into the topic I must mention that this blog has been numbered in the top 10 windsurfing blogs by a crowd called blogfeedspot.  

This is not all that significant to me and is probably less so to you.  I’m not sure of the metrics used to evaluate the blogs selected.  

All that aside, I notice some really good sites on their list.  Please have a look at them on the following link:

You will note that some of the blogs are fully on Facebook and Twitter (unlike this one) and all of them have valuable windsurfing related content of one form or another.  Enjoy!

Anyway – to the topic of the day:

If your sailing conditions are anything like ours you will experience some days where slalom sailing is appropriate and great fun.  You will also have many days where bump & jump kit is far more suitable due to choppy water and strong winds.

With this in mind, I have been thinking about a short list of non-slalom boards on the market right now which are fast, fun and controllable.

I have chosen two sizes of board – a 70ish wide range and a 65ish wide range.  I further split these sizes into free-race models and free-ride shapes.

Here are the boards I would include in any short list for this type of board.
First, the pure B&J schedules:

The Fox and Blast boards have been discussed on these pages many times.  I have never ridden an AtomiQ but the styling of the thing convinces me that it is pretty special.
The RRD FreestyleWave (V3 – not the latest one) has always been on my radar and pushed, I would probably pick this board from the line-up.  The latest FSW v4 does not appeal.  They have shortened it and it seems far wavier to me.  Give me the old one any day.  Incidentally Tabou have done exactly the same thing with the latest 3S line.
The Exocet Cross must be one of the best rough water boards in existence.  Their designs have some weird kind of magic in them so if you ever have a chance to try one, jump at it.  You may never buy from another windsurfing brand again.  You have been warned.

Here is the second schedule.  This is for speed merchants who need some comfort and control:

You will note that the Fox falls into both B&J and Free-race categories.  I have ridden Joos’s Fox twice now, the second time in perfect conditions.  This board is unlike anything I have ridden before (fantastic directional stability, eye watering speed, comfort over chop and a complete star through gybes).  It fits comfortably into both camps – you would only need to change fins.  

The Fox is possibly a bit too business-like for me.  I need something slightly more laid back and a little more old school.  Having said that - offer me a Fox for a good price and I’ll bite your hand off.

Look at the insane weights on the Futuras.  I also like the large width of the smaller Futura - 97 Litres and 67cm wide!  This indicates that it is a flat board and therefore endowed with good control.  Nice!
Given the above options, my ideal board quiver would be:
·      iSonic 117
·      One of the 65ish boards above.  Can’t decide which!
·      A Fanatic Freewave 96l/61cm wide (Textreme from 2015)

The last board I like because it would give me the opportunity to use 3 fins in the swells to play but also to close the side-slots, fit a fast fin into the power-box, and blast in strong winds.  It has a centre back strap but also screw holes for four outboard straps for blasting.  Very nice!

That’s all for now.  I may give you my idea of my ideal sail quiver to go with the above boards.  I don’t want to bore you however so I need to consider whether or not to do this.

All the best


  1. I thought to myself, what is this Alexa rating ??
    when i put in my i got 15,344,494. As you say, I take NO bearing on that, but still wonder how it REALLY is tabulated. Then I remembered my statistics - can make anything look good. Regardless of numbers true or not, you have a TOP WINDSURF site = CONGRATS !!

  2. and as for the meat - NICE boards one and all discussed here - have discovered that I like them longer than say 232 cm. John Ingebritsen once said 240 was minimum on iwindsurf. Slowly over time I seem to agreeing with him and MANY boards listed here are quite close... Wouldn't it be great to just have one of each ?? :-)

  3. Thanks for the comments Joe. I hear you regarding having one of each board. If I ever won the lottery, a significant level of irresponsible spending would occur!
    All the best