Friday, January 27, 2017

New Severne Masts on Site


Just a very short note to mention that Severne's new masts are on their site.  The new Red RDM masts are even lighter than the outgoing model and now include a 460 length.  This is a good thing in my opinion, giving us the option to rig big freeride sizes on thin masts.

The new Apex Pro race mast is also lighter than the outgoing model and promises to be something special.  I have not used one yet but will keep an eye on Karo's quiver and scrounge a ride if she gets one in a new Reflex 8.

Those of you who examine and compare sail weights as I do, will have noticed that the new TURBO_GT weights have been missing (for a long time now!) from the 2017 specs.
Here are the new TURBO weights for those of you who may be interested and have been frustrated by the TBA entries in the weight column :

2017 Turbo-GT Weights
   Size       Kg  
    5.5       3.5
    6.0       3.6
    6.5       3.8
    7.0       4.4
    7.5       4.7
    8.1       4.8
    8.6       5.0
    9.2       5.2

That is all for now - talk to you soon

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