Sunday, January 4, 2015

2015 Severne Performance Sails on Site


I note that Severne have posted the new Reflex and Overdrive onto their site.  I'm not sure why they took so long this year but the final result looks stunning in each case.



Seeing the two models together like this demonstrates the slight design differences.  The Reflex is going to be one fantastic racing machine but the narrower sleeve and softer shape of the Overdrive would make this my choice between the two.  Nice work Severne.

I am giving some thought to re-visiting the ideal quiver question once again.  There is a lot of new stuff on the market and this has changed my thoughts about optimal sail/board combinations for advanced windsurfing blasters (us).

Karel, one of the hot inland sailors, has bought (amongst many other pieces), a 2015 GA Matrix 6.0m and reports that this is one awesome sail - very direct and almost race sail-like but easy and controllable.  I must say that I suspected as much from the design of the thing.  I will try to get a ride on this sail when the strong winds return and will report back.

Peter's designs just keep improving year after year.  The graphics and colours have also moved into a completely different league.  The colour above looks good in the picture but is even better in real life. Stunning!

Talk to you soon


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