Friday, January 16, 2015

New Select Fin


Just a quick note.  Following my previous post and my comment about the absence of any visuals for the new Select Rhino, Kevin Do wondered whether the new G10 S1 is actually the Rhino.  I'm pretty sure that the G10 model is something completely different.  They call it the S1 Hi-Wind.

The thing I am waiting for is shown by them as a roughly shaded outline labelled "Coming Soon"


 Well "soon" has come and gone Select.  Where is the elusive Rhino??  We need visuals!

Looking at the Hi-Wind above, I have to say it looks the business.  My dream fin for wild water speed would be the iFins Fight Club or the iFins Air but I have to say that this new S1 is going to be worth a try.  Nice shape and altogether a classy thing.

Talk to you soon

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