Saturday, January 24, 2015

Some Gybing Pointers

From time to time I do something on gybing.  Here are some more pointers.  Gybing and gybe moves warrant our attention given their importance to what we do on the water in every session.

These shots are from the RRD video on the new Firewing sail.  The rider is John Skye - an awesome wave sailor who probably dislikes slalom stuff.  His gybe is not as crisp as one of Antoine's but because he gets the basics right, he flys through the move with ease:
This aerial shot shows the body leaning into the turn while flaring the sail

The sequence starts here.  He banks the board, pulling in with the back hand, knees bent 

Downwind, he flares, looking forward through the window and starting the foot change

His feet have changed, he controls the board with his front foot keeping it down and also steering.  He looks directly in the direction he wants to go, and flips the sail
He collects the boom pulling down with elbows down.  He continues looking in the direction of travel, knees bent and bum low to hold against the powering sail.

We have racing here next week and some men have arrived from Mauritius.  Nice guys and hot sailors based on what I saw on the water yesterday (Severne, Loft, Patrik, Starboard - Nice!).  I think they are on ZFins.

Talk to you soon   

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