Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Defi Wind 2015 - 1200 Speed Merchants Meet in 60knots of Wind

The Defi Wind event is over and the results were interesting.  Pierre Mortefon won very convincingly showing exactly how fast he is and also how well his equipment is working.  Antoine Albeau came in fourth.  To be fair, he crashed out in the last race trying to avoid another sailor and broke his mast.  Even so, no-one had a hope of touching Pierre.  

The scary thing is that Pierre’s sister was the first lady home ahead of Delphine Cousin, Lena Erdil and Karin Jaggi.  The Mortefon family must possess a windsurfing gene of some sort.

What I like about this race is that it is 40km long.  Where normal slalom racing requires competitors to nail the start and every gybe in a 4 minute heat, this race is all about maximizing speed over distance across varying water conditions.  Antoine, in addition to being one of the fastest racers,  is so skilled at nailing his starts, timing and positioning his gybes and choosing the right tack consistently that he is virtually unbeatable on the circuit but allow the other guys to stretch their legs in a flat-out blast and things even out a bit.

Antoine Questel came in third on Ga sails and Diony Guadagnino was fifth on AHD and Hot Sails Maui.  I always think of AHD slalom boards as being especially easy to sail and the fact that a wave guy can achieve such a stellar result would seem to bear this out.  Nicholas Warembourg came in second on Patrik/Loft and presumably using his own brand of very cool fins.

Pierre saying goodbye at the gybe mark

Pierre and Nicolas with Antoin Questel and (I think) Finian behind

Finian with Avanti sail, new NoveNove  Board (and a bit more girth)

Pierre and Nicolas at the mark.  

Nicolas and Antoine Questel at speed

Dunkie followed by Diony. Antoine, Nicolas and interestingly a dude on a Severne wave sail!  WTF?  Shows what soft kit can do in wild conditions

 Talk to you soon

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