Thursday, May 21, 2015

New Patrik Boards and a Cool Video


The new Patrik boards are on the site and I have to say a tasty line-up.  Of interest to me are the following models:

The new F-Cross.  This replaces the old Freestyle Wave line.  The dimensions and sizes look very much the same.  The colours are new.  Who knows if anything has happened to the shapes.  As before, boards to make us happy!

The new F-Race.  This will be equivalent to boards like the Futura and Speedster.  Basically slalom shapes with more strap positions and slightly increased lengths.  Yes and Yes again!  Patrik has wisely opted for only three sizes of this model with widths of 70, 75 and 80cm.  Mast boxes are all deep Tuttle.  Nice!

Of course the new slalom shapes.  What can one say about this brand other than they look awesome as usual. 

If you are wondering about the “Ultimate” sail Karin is riding, it comes from Sailloft Hamburg - a prestigious maker of very light, very fast sails.  This race model of theirs looks the business – narrowish sleeve and not too many battens.  Awesome!

Finally I want to share a video with you.  I posted it to my commercial site for a group of people but I thought that you guys would appreciate it too.  The gentleman has taken a classic song from the Ausie group - Little River Band, and combined the music with some fantastic film footage of dolphins and whales.
  Here is the link to the post on my site.


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