Monday, May 11, 2015

Nice Video and First PWA Slalom Result


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Here is a message I received from Heru Prasetyo.  I watched the vid and have to say, found it inspiring.  Please click on the link below and see what you think.  The guy featured is a kitesurfer but is also a windsurfer (and therefor a brother) who decided that, following a personal tradegy, he was going to explore things which interested him regardless of what anyone else thinks. Bravo to him and a nicely presented short film.      

Hi Phil,  My name is Heru Prasetyo and I work on the Digital Content team here at Factory Media. Over the last few months we have been lucky enough to curate submissions for the Prime & Fire Selects amateur short film competition.  Over the coming weeks we will be releasing and promoting the winning entries. This weeks follows David, a 77 year old kitesurfer who, after the unexpected and tragic loss of his wife, made the decision to live every moment to the fullest. His story is inspiring and motivational, perfect for getting into the working mood after returning form a long bank holiday.  You can see this weeks winner below, let us know what you think!


The first PWA slalom event was run recently in Ulsan Korea.  They were beset by calm days and rain but managed to get a full day's racing in.
Antoine won followed by Pierre Mortefon and then Josh Angulo.  The surprise for me was Marco Lang achieving a 9th place.  A fantastic result for Marco and further proof that the Fanatic/North stuff is working properly. 

The ladies racing was won by Sarah-Quita followed by Lena Erdil and Fulya Unlu (who I know nothing about).  Sarah-Quita is now on Pryde sails and really smoking.  The fact that the top 5 ladies positions include three Turkish sailors attests to the depth of good windsurfers from that country.

Nice going

Talk to you soon

BTW the next big event of interest to us is this year's Defi Wind.  This will happen from 14-17 May and should be really interesting.  Antoine and a few other PWA guys are competing this year. The big guys usually ignore this race but it has become so popular that they have decided to give it the recognition it deserves.  Roll on this weekend!     

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