Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Zulu Fins Update

A while ago I gave some feedback about my experience with a fin from Zulu Fins.  This is a locally produced product which in my opinion is able to hold its own with any slalom fin on the market.  
A bold statement I know - I have no experience with any real high end fins (Kashy, Ifju, Elk etc) but I can say that Robbie’s fins do everything that I could possibly want.  End of story.
I will repeat what I said in that post – the secret of these fins seems to be in their bend characteristics.  They are incredibly solid in the upper section (no bend, no twist), no real twist towards the tip but a quite noticeable bend there.

Please visit Robbie’s site for visuals and read feedback from racers around the world. 

Some really hot individuals are getting awesome results with the fins.
I see that Isaak de Vries placed fourth in the 2015 Green Island Slalom Nationals in Australia on Zulu fins.  Just to give some perspective, Sean O’Brien came in fifth and Craig Spottiswood, tenth.  This is an example of the sort of company in which these fins are being successfully deployed.

Robbie’s price is comparable with many high end fins but if a few of the real big guys start winning on them and word gets out, demand is going to push the price skywards.  It may be an idea to order one or two now just to lock in the price.

As I said previously, what you get with these blades is the benefit of Robbie’s expertise and perfectionism.  He is one of the hottest racers around and having developed a recipe which works, he personally fine tunes each size until he is satisfied.

Pay a visit to Cape Town in January or February, meet Robbie (on the water if you want to have your ass kicked) and see these things in action.  While you are here, come and sail in Langebaan for a few days.  Here you can experience flat water blasting at its best and reach new speeds with your new Zulu fins.  Gareth and I will keep you company on the water to give you something to measure against.

Most guys dream of fancy women and fast cars (fast women and fancy cars??).  My dreams look more like this! (Sad but true)

Good winds


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