Monday, June 1, 2015

S2 Maui Sails - An early Appearance

Just a short note with a visual of one of the new sails from this new brand.  You may recall my recent post regarding happenings at Maui Sails and the departure of Barry and Artur who, together with Rick Whidden have formed S2Maui Sails.

I reported that their range would be available next year but they have brought that forward and are almost ready to show their wave and freeride sails to the world.  The sail which interests me is their Banshee, a 6 batten blasting rocket.  Remember, these are the guys who designed the original Gaastra Remedy (now Cross) an incredibly fast sail in 6 batten guise (2013 and earlier).

Well here is a preview of the Banshee:

They are using a brand new "Spacelight" scrim for the entire sail (very strong and very light) - no mono-film.  They also claim to have refined warp path reinforcement and all of this produces a sail which is lighter, faster and easier to use.  Nice if true.  I would really like to get one to try.  They say nothing about masts yet so watch this space.

This sail will compete with the likes of the Gator, NCX, Matrix, Hucker etc.  I have to say that it looks the business with its high tech scrim and race battens.  Nice work guys!

Good winds (we are freezing here!)


  1. I cannot find them on the internet, do you have the address son I can follow their work.
    As an Maui Sails fan this is very interesting. I like the fact that they use other materials than the monofilm.

  2. Hi Lars
    I will e-mail you about this.

  3. Nice. I saw Russ Faurot sailing a 3battten S2Maui last week.
    Can't wait to see what they come out with in terms of Freestyle. I have Locos myself.