Thursday, December 3, 2015

A Call for Standardization


Looking at our sport I have to say that we have little to complain about.  Every brand has great designers who are pushing for continuous improvement in design and materials.  Apart from the very high prices of new equipment, our sport is awesome.

What always irks me however, is the lack of standardization in areas where it could be so helpful, practical and easy.  Here is what I am talking about:

A while ago I included an image of Starboard's new light footstrap and remarked on the adjustment system they had developed.  Here it is:


The system appeals to me because it is simple and easy but while looking at it I was reminded of the failure of our windsurfing brands to get together on standardizing a few non-proprietary elements we all use.

I would like the screw head for every footstrap screw to have an internal hex button-head cap like the bolt below.

I would like all fin bolts to have exactly the same head.  I would also like the air screws on my boards to have this feature.

Lastly, the size of the hex aperture on all of these things should be exactly the same as in the batten tensioning grommets on my sail.  

This level of standardization would allow me to carry one small key (on a string round my neck or in a harness pouch) which I could use to tighten any or all of the above while on the beach or indeed while standing in the water, waiting to launch.


Come on suppliers - this would be so easy to do and would enhance the enjoyment of everyone who loves this sport.

Good winds 


  1. I agree with you very much. Flikka is a board maker that makes all of its hardware and use only bolts with the somewhat standard hex key some sailmakers give as batten tensioner. I therefore have a key at all time with me.
    Check them out, they are really good, they built the lightest board I've ever seen:

    You no longer have to deal with Cobra boards anymore or brands that aren't willing to simplify their gear.

    1. Thanks for this info Vince.
      I have always had an interest in Flikka boards. They just look right to me and their slalom board weights are impressive as you say.

  2. An other benefit with Flikka is the footstraps; they are very comfortable, and have four screws per strap, so they can’t twist.

  3. Thanks for this Badeip. I will do a short post about Flikka boards. The more one looks at this brand the better it becomes!

  4. @Phil Agreed, Flikka deserves some attention.
    I bought a Flikka fsw last year after experiencing significant delamination of a new Cobra produced carbon board.

    The durability of custom boards is superior, and the price is comparable to production board where I live.

    The decision for me was therefore between Witchcraft and Flikka.
    Simply put, I liked the looks of Flikka better, and the fact that custom color was included in the price.

    I do not consider my board to be fast planing or to have particiculary high top speed, but it really shines in waves and for b&j.