Saturday, December 5, 2015

Reader Feedback


Guiseppe, an Italian reader gave some feedback after my article on the difficult rotation of Gareth's 2016 GA Phantom.  He tells me that he is in bed with influence - (WTF?).  It took me a few seconds to work that one out!
Anyway, Guiseppe makes some good points in his e-mail which I will attempt to summarize.

He recons many cammed sails come with spacers fitted today.  I was unaware of this, not having bought a high performance sail for some time.
He rightly points out that your new sail will be tight for the first few sessions and your rotation could indeed be difficult.  In this case remove the spacers.  The sail will stretch over time however, and it is advisable to check the fit of the cams on the mast from time to time as the sail beds in.
As soon as you detect looseness, re-fit the spacers (start with the smallest provided, increasing in size as required).  This will ensure that you maintain optimal efficiency over the life of the sail.

Thanks for this Guiseppe and I hope your influence clears up soon.

The comment on my previous post regarding Flikka boards was a strange thing.  I had just been on the Flikka site (which I do from time to time) and this comment appeared on the blog out of the blue about Flikka boards. Not sure how that sort of thing happens.  

On the subject of Flikka, I know that they test here in Cape Town sometimes so Flikka guys - if you bring any slalom stuff please spend a day or two in Langebaan and give me a shout.  I would be very interested to ride one of your boards (120l or 140l) and provide commentary for the readers. 

Good winds

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