Monday, December 28, 2015

Some Equipment Concerns and a Useful Link


I have had feedback from several readers regarding the piece I wrote about my experience with the Tabou 3S 106 some time ago.  Guys are buying this for a high wind alternative to their slalom equipment - a great choice as far as I'm concerned.  

What worries me slightly is the fact that almost to a man these guys have picked the Severne NCX 7.0 as their sail of choice for this board.
The sail size is covered by the board specs for the 106 on Tabou's site but I am slightly worried about the NCX.  My experience with the NCX 7.0 is that it is quite racy and heavy - fine for a slalom board but I'm not sure how it will work with the 3S.  

The 106 really shines with a light, fast, flat, freeride sail and if properly rigged, one of these in 6.5m can be a revelation on the water - fast, comfortable and fun. Change down on sail and fin size when the wind jacks up and you can reach astonishing speeds in difficult conditions.

Interestingly, the NCX sizes smaller than 7.0m are perfect for the 3S (the new NCX 6.0 is fantastic). I must say that the NCX 7.0 I sailed is from 3 years ago and I know how Severne improves their stuff every season so I may be worrying for nothing.  

Here are some of the sail models I know will work with the 3S 106 for high speed blasting:

  • Severne     - Gator

  • GA              - Cross

                           - Matrix

  • North        - E-Type (I recently acquired a 6.6 E-type and                                                                                                             will be giving feedback soon)

  • Hot Sails   - GPX

  • Maui Sails - Switch

  • S2 Maui    - Banshee

  • Loft          - Oxygen

For all of these models the 6.5 (ish) size will be the sweet size but the board will fly with smaller sails in strong wind.  Don't hesitate to screw in a slalom fin like Select's High Wind G10 or iFins Fight Club.  Hold on tight! 

Here is a link to the global wind map.  Many of you will have this already but if you don't, it demonstrates what is really happening with your local wind,42.38,512

I take this opportunity to wish every reader all the very best for the new year.  Happiness and proper wind for a change!



  1. this is the real thing:

    1. Thanks Francois. Nice site and I will include it on my next post.