Saturday, January 22, 2011

First Reflex Ride

I rode the 7.0 Reflex2 yesterday.  My sailing partner Gareth was on a 7.5 with a 120 Falcon and was going reasonably well.  I rigged the Reflex with slightly less downhaul than we used in the initial runs (I pulled it to a point where the specified outhaul settings seemed to work perfectly).  The wind was a bit light for a 7.0 but I clicked the rig onto my Falcon 104 with 37cm SL7 fin and set out.
What a sail!  The slight breeze had me planing right away and gusts were immediately converted into speed.
This is one of those bits of equipment that just feels right from the second you set off.  The feel is light and crisp and the sail does its work with no fuss or pulling allowing you to concentrate on other things like board trim and water state.  The rotation was flawless making gybing a pleasure and the few strong gusts were handled so easily I just kept wishing for more wind.  As soon as the wind picked up a tiny bit I passed Gareth on his 7.5 with absolute ease.
Over the last year I have become a huge sceptic when it comes to pure race sails and their relevance for the non-racer but this sail has made me a believer again.  FAST, EASY, LIGHT and FUN.  Severne continues to impress with inspired engineering, flawless build quality and beautiful products.      

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