Monday, January 10, 2011

Purpose of This Blog

The purpose of this blog is to discuss current developments in windsurfing and to share some of my concerns and opinions about products, manufacturers and people in our industry.  I am fortunate to live in a windy place with great water conditions for slalom and general blasting.  This combined with the fact that some of the manufacturers test equipment here and a prominent magazine runs many of its tests of new equipment means that we see much of the new equipment before it is released in the northern hemisphere.  We are a small community of avid windsurfers who are able to assess and compare a wide variety of equipment and speak to quite a few international heavy hitters within our sport.  I'm sure that I can pass along a few valid thoughts and opinions


  1. Great blog Phil your opinions are always great for us mere mortals that share the water with you, well done on getting this blog up and running and I hope the manufacturers get on as well and take notice of your comments and give you their options of their sails and boards. remember we are all not pro`s. we are the people that purchase the new equipment year after year.

  2. Thanks Uncle Phil for your considered comments here.
    For those of you who don't know this man [Uncle Phil] sit up wipe the sleep out of your eyes and pay attention. He knows what he is talking/typing about and has placed comments here that have been carefully worded after much deliberation and research, not to mention the hours and hours of TOW [Time On the Water].