Thursday, January 20, 2011

The New Reflexes Have Arrived!

Before I continue with the topic of boards I need to mention the arrival of these sails.  Our supplier received 2 Reflex 2's (a 7.0 and a 7.8).  There was a bit of wind so we decided to rig the 7.0 on its designated 430 Enigma mast. Andy (one of the power sailors) took the first spin and I have to say it looked fantastic on the water - fast, easy and so elegant.  He came out full of smiles but reported having difficulty with the rotation.  We jumped right on it and removed the spacers.  Anthony, our supplier, went out.  He also smoked and the rotation problem had disappeared with the removal of the spacers.
We have a lot more experimenting to do but in retrospect I think I put a little too much downhaul on the sail for its maiden voyage.  I really cranked it and I've been thinking that the sail has a whole mechanism to spill excess power.  Why would you rig it exactly the same as you would a sail with no such mechanism.
Anyway - exciting stuff and major respect for Severne.

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