Monday, October 14, 2013

Fanatic and North News

Here are some views of the fin box surround profiles on the new Falcon models.  Like Starboard and RRD, Fanatic have gone for complex cut-outs.  There is obviously merit in this otherwise the top guys would not be doing it.  Some serious design development is evident.  I hope to get a ride when Craig is here to assess the effect for myself and report back.  He usually brings a 110 but I am hoping to see a 120 on the lawn.  One can only hope.

Falcon 140
Falcon 130

Falcon 120 /74 - my favorite width




Just a short note about the new North lineup.  They have posted their new E-Type camless performance sail (replacing the X-Type).  I think that this is going to be something special.  They say that they discovered things in the development of this sail, so profound that they incorporated them into their new race sail.  Usually the process trickles down from the race model to other models but this went the other way.  Something kick-ass this way comes! (sorry Shakespeare).

One thing that is bothering me about North however, is the fact that they seem to have dropped their ultra light Platinum Aero mast in SDM.  They still offer the RDM sizes but no SDM.  I wrote to them asking about it but they ignore me.  On this topic, I note that Avanti also seem to have dropped their ultra light Tow Pro race mast.  I also wrote to them and they also ignored me.  Windsurfing suppliers are not good at responding to simple, relevant questions about their products - not acceptable!

Talk to you soon

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