Wednesday, October 9, 2013

New Season Starts and Some PWA News

Hi All

We have had two days in a row with sailable wind and I sailed on each day.

Yesterday I tried my new VMax fin (39cm) for the first time.  I was totally overpowered on my Falcon 113 and Cross 6.4.  Despite the wide eyes I was able to get quite a good impression of the fin.  My impression is that this is one fine foil.  Even though I was flying out of the water after each large piece of chop, I never felt out of control.  I had one spin-out but the fin recovered quickly allowing me to continue blasting without too much of a delay.  So far so good then.  I look forward to sailing this board/fin combo with my Savage 7.8 and will let you know how that goes.

On Monday we had a far easier sail.  Softer wind and I was on my winter freeride board, Cross 6.4 and shox system.  So much easier than pure slalom!  Joos was also on the water and I have to compliment his rig.  He was on his Manta 110, Vector Canefire Carbon 40cm, and 6.5 Severne NCX pro edition.  What a beautifully balanced, elegant set-up.  The sail has the right combination of power and lightness. The Manta is super easy and wickedly fast, and the fin is a delight (as I discovered when Juan Alonso sent me his to try at the end of last season).  Joos also had his rig softened with a shox system which enabled him to keep sailing for far longer than usual for this early in the season.  It is good to see the guys getting the right equipment onto the water for the prevailing conditions.  A perfect recipe for fun.

I note that Antoine Albeau is once again the PWA Slalom champ.  What a sailor!

Second is Alberto Menegatti.  No mean feat for a guy who was not doing at all well last year.  Alberto was a frequent visitor here last season so we are pleased for him of course.  

Third was Julien Quentel, also on RRD/Pryde.  A lethal combination this year.  This is born out by Arnon's position -  14th!  Fantastic for a guy who has been in the wilderness for so many years.  Great result!

Other points of interest - Loft have not been as well represented in the standings as they were last year.  Bjorn ended in 13th place - not a spent force, but there are quite a few young guys who can beat him most days of the week now.  Some of the old salts did quite well.  Cyrill came in 4th, Ben vd Steen 5th - two power houses of our sport.  Gonzalo made 6th showing that he still has it and that Loft sails can perform in the right hands.  Micah Buzianis and Josh Angulo were 8th and 9th respectively, evidence of the value of experience, class, and years of competing at the highest level.

Talk to you soon        

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