Thursday, October 17, 2013

New Windsurfing Center in Morocco


Jennifer Tulip sent me this report and asked me to post it on the blog. 

Here is her article:  

Windsurfing is Really Taking Off in Morocco.

If you’ve ever thought about doing something fun and different, there’s no better time than now to do it!

Explora Morocco have just opened their brand new surf centre in Dakhlah where you can enjoy surfing, windsurfing or even learn to kitesurf!

Dakhla is located on a peninsula on the Moroccan coast of North West Africa. This prime location is where the Atlantic chill merges with the warm desert heat, resulting in conditions that are particularly perfect for windsurfing. Owing to this, the local surf community is abuzz with professionals and amateurs alike flocking here all year round to take to the waves with the wind in their sails.

Power of the Wind
Explora Morocco run a popular surf school in Essaouira, Morocco and have just opened their new centre in Dakhla. Their skilled and fully qualified instructors can teach you the ropes of all these water sports and offer a range of tuition options for you to really get to grips with the surf.

They also offer an equipment hire service for those already skilled in windsurfing who are travelling without their kit.

Visit the Explora Morocco website now to discover everything you need to know about windsurfing in Morocco and book your lessons and accommodation.

That is Jenni's article.  

I did some research on the Dakhla center and was quite impressed by what they offer - it looks like an excellent place to consider for a windsurfing holiday.  

The center offers 2014 Fanatic and North equipment.  The winds are constant and steady, blowing from April to October and peaking in July and August.  Sailing terrain comprises a huge, shallow lagoon with clean water and firm sandy bottom.  They have three zones – a speed strip, the general sailing area and a wave spot at the entrance where lagoon meets ocean.

The accommodation seems good and is right on the beach.  Equipment rental rates are on a par with anywhere else.

This is perfect spot to concentrate on a particular move (gybing for instance) and come away with solid proficiency.  Hire for a week or two, take out a Gecko in lighter winds and a Freewave when the wind picks up.  When you are not nailing your gybes have a go on the speed strip.  This is just a stretch of water with a really low sand bank to the windward.  The water is absolutely flat allowing you to rack up some proper speed runs.  All of these things are on offer at a venue which is not overcrowded with kitesurfers and other windsurfers.  My idea of a proper holiday!  Click on the link above for more information.

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