Sunday, October 20, 2013

Some Thoughts about GPS Units and the Future


GPS units, as we all know, allow us to record windsurfing run times, distances, speeds etc and allow us to download and analyse the resulting stats.  If you are serious about constant improvement in your windsurfing speed, you need to use a GPS unit.  If we do not measure we cannot maximise our rate of improvement.

Most of us would agree with all this but few of us take the trouble to use a GPS unit every time we go out for speed.  Among the members of this blog, Alastair Nichol, Eric Kaminga and Kevin Do are probably the only guys who use the GPS unit properly as an improvement tool.  The rest of us (certainly most of the rest of us) simply don't take the trouble.  I own two GPS units and I have to say I never have the urge to fiddle with set-up, strap the unit on and download after each session .  I am simply too slack to use the unit and my development in the sport suffers.

One thing which would really tempt me to use a GPS unit would be if it could somehow give me a real time, continuous reading of speed during each run and I could view this while blasting.  This would allow me to see the results of changes to stance, trim and attitude in real time on the water - a completely different thing to viewing retrospective stats.

I was reading about Google's new Glass system.

I am not a huge fan of up to the minute communication devices as a rule, but this could be something special for us.  I am sure that this technology will allow one, with connected GPS, to beam real time windsurfing speeds continuously and directly into one's eyeball.  Awesome!  I don't use my current GPS units but I would certainly use this - no question!

I will comment further in the next post about my 39 VMax fin and how it compares to the corresponding Gregor fin which Juan Alonso sent to me last season.  I will also comment on how each of these fins stacks up against Vector's Canefire carbon.  Interesting.

Good winds (we were blown out today so I used the time to recuperate)


  1. If you have a gt31, set speed genie to your avg speed. Every time you go over it it will show your top speed and 10 sec of that run!

    Will get back to you asap on those sl2 numbers! Been busy with work :(

    1. Thanks for this Kevin.
      No hurry for the AHD stats. I'm not sure why they make it so difficult for us to get basic product information

  2. Another way to get instant feedback is to use an Android phone and the GPS Speedtalker app. You hear how fast you are going in real time. That allows you to see effects of stance changes etc. right away. You can get Android phones for < $100. Simply double-bag it and use waterproof head phones.
    For higher accuracy, you could use this setup with a BGT-31, or the FlySight GPS.

    1. Boardsurfr,

      I've seen your post on seabreeze, how is the development going with the FlySight Gps??
      Just bought another GT-31 for back up


    2. Hi
      Thanks Kevin and Boardsurfr for the information. Your comments make me realize how far behind I am with this type of technology.

      I will catch up however, when I can:

      1. Put these glasses on
      2. Press this button
      3. Have real time speed beamed into the eyeball.